IGCSE Business Studies: Tips To Get Good Marks In Exam

IGCSE Business Studies: Tips to get good marks in exam

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE Business Studies has been one of the most widely recognised boards across the world. With exams hovering over your head, here are a few tips you might find beneficial to crack that tough nut called- Business Studies.

For starters, is it a difficult exam to pass? Not, at all. With the right strategy and mindset, you can manage that amazing score you have always wanted. After all, it is indeed a lucrative deal, isn’t it? Business studies have proven beneficial to educate students on various topics such as business accounting, cost and revenue, cash flow planning, motivation, communication and the otherwise. Understanding it in the nascent stages can be a tad bit difficult, but it is not impossible. Let’s explore a few tips to score.

Get your hands on that syllabus:-

No matter how difficult the subject seem to be, it can be made easier. Go through the syllabus, break it down into small, manageable components and analyse the strengths and weaknesses. Grab that prescribed text book and study guide .Study it in and out. It is one of the ways to understand the subject.

Learn how to answer questions:-

Now every text book has an exercise at the end of each chapter. Learn to apply the lessons you learnt.

Teach perhaps:-

Make it a point to discuss the lessons learnt in a study group. The more you teach the more familiar you get with the topics.

Practice is the key:-

Multiple test papers in the market can amp up the practice quota. Examine yourself like an invigilator would. Grade yourself honestly.

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